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Julian Organic Farms has two locations. One is located in the Pine Hills area of Julian and the second in the foothills overlooking the Santa Fe Valley of San Diego.


As a family owned and operated farm, Julian Organic Farms established itself in 2006. It’s located on the site of two former apple orchards and a former avocado ranch.


In 2007 Julian Organic Farms replanted the fallow orchards expanding the varieties of apples historically grown in the area and adding peach and pear trees to the orchard.

Julian Organic Farms organic guarantees . . .


  • No genetically modified seeds are ever used in our fields, and all soil amendments and other input material are strictly Omri-approved and certified organic.

  • We use only natural cover crops or locally sourced certified organic soil amendments to enrich our soils.

  • Any pest control is done by manual traps or certified organic pesticides.

  • All crops are handpicked and typically delivered to market within 24 hours of harvest.


Visit our ORGANICS page for a full explanation of our organic growing processes.

In 2008, the farm began the planting of different types of row crops. At an altitude of 4000 feet and frost frequently occurring from the months of September to May, farming can be challenging despite being blessed with rich and loamy soils.


After several years of testing the growing of different vegetables, Julian Organic Farms found the optimal crops to grow in the San Diego hills to be corn, squash, pumpkins, mushrooms and gourds to which it now specializes.

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Julian Organic Farms?
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In addition, at its Santa Fe Valley location, it grows heirloom tomatoes. Certified as organic since 2010,  Julian Organic Farms is one of San Diego County’s few CCOF organic farms.

Our produce may be found at Jimbo's, Seaside Market, Cream of the Crop and other San Diego markets featuring premium organic fruits and vegetables.
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